The Explosion of the Sex Doll Sharing Experience Hall

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Updated: Sep 21, 2022, 5:43:40 AM

At present, with the development of social economy and the 140-149cm Sex Doll change of people's ideas, it is worth everyone's consideration to grasp this development opportunity and how to manage this industry well.
In the long period of time when sex dolls appeared, their buyers were only a small part, and they were often limited by the laws and regulations and secular concepts at that time. Many sex dolls could only be purchased by mail order. It wasn't until the 1980s that sex dolls really entered people's field of vision. torso sex doll Filmmakers have used new technology to create more realistic human props that initially cost almost as much as a mid-priced car. With the advancement of technology, these technologies are quickly applied to sex dolls, and therefore, doll technology has developed rapidly in recent years. And due to the development of network technology, people with the same hobbies can communicate with your name on the Internet, and can also make purchases through web pages.

From the investigation and research of these documents, we can see that the production technology of sex dolls at that time was already very superb. Voice technology has been developed for dolls since at least 1922. anime sex doll France did not have a monopoly on this technology, which also laid the foundation for the subsequent development of sex dolls.

Many young men come here secretly, and then leave secretly after consuming. Some people think that this is against human ethics and that it is a shameful thing, and some people think that this is just the venting of physical needs, and there is no need to go up and down.
From a hygiene point of view, the silicone doll must be fully disinfected before the experience to ensure local cleaning. At the same time, apply lubricant as fully as possible, because the material of the condom is rubber. If the lubrication is not sufficient, the silicone of the silicone doll is more likely to cause damage to the rubber condom,160-169cm sex doll which is not only easy to get sick, but also easy to cause semen or prostatic fluid residue, which can be cleaned later. bring difficulties. "Silicone dolls are made in simulation, there will be some wrinkles in the cavity, and it is very laborious to clean. Maybe the previous customer has finished using it, and the merchant has not really cleaned it in place, so it will be provided to the next customer to experience, which will bring cross-infection, Indirectly cause sexually transmitted diseases. big butt sex doll From the perspective of health and health, the silicone doll experience hall does have some risks.


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