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The Better Maplestory M Mesos what was implemented up to now part II.Overall, I would say I'm happy with what's changed up to now. However, there are still a few things bottle necking that the PaytoWin aspect that's still left .

Shield/Safety/Clean Slate scrolls. We need more options to save and/or regain slots when scrolling our gear. I am am very thankful for both we receive per month at the reward shop, but realistically it's not sufficient when we have 100s of slots .

At the moment, bots appear to conduct a monopoly on blank slates in game and sell them to get 30m maplestory2 mesos a bit. I would love to find that the limit in the reward shop upped to 5 or so a month, or possess clean slates drop a great deal more often (perhaps from zak, hilla, etc) to put them down to 5-10m a piece.

Untradable equipment - mainly Android hearts, but in addition sweetwater equipment, etc.. As someone who makes most of my cash off of kisses and sweetwater, I would rather be broke and find something else to market and be able to trade these around my maplestory2 account. As of this moment, these will be the very last thing I scroll/cube... assuming I ever get around to them! Even being able to sharing tag these items will be better than nothing.

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