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If I am dining at the Madden 20 coins best 5 star restaurant in New York for dinner and then ask them to remove the nuts from a salad. I don't expect them to say"no it is pre-mixed and that would be too hard for individuals".

My point is that you don't have any idea of this difficulty level, therefore make valid suggestions without pairing them with blatant or suggested insults. Also, recognize that you aren't making a proposal as an elite customer in a five star restaurant, you're making it a customer at McDonald's where you will find several million customers daily and they are from a large number of backgrounds and areas with distinct suggestions.I have an idea about what it would take to employ a quality developer that may implement this attribute and other desired features without the negative drawbacks you cite, and for a BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY, they could manage it.

I'm a 55/45 pass to run and 77% from gun. I try to stay within my own game. However, I know most of the people who operate and run stretch all of the time. A whole lot pinch dog, of those zone blitzes, pinch dollar. You get sacked literally within 2 seconds of the snap on a pass. The best way to beat those blitzes are outside runs. I bet if it wasn't constant pinch blitzing on defense crime would pass. Yeah there are ways to beat on those passing but risk a 8 yard loss. If you cant make it be available and that instantaneous read. Just the same way people stay running I kind whatever or stretch, defense stays in their same bs blitz every play. Both are exploited.

Very very good point, playing out of 3-4 odd switching and all game between 4 plays means, if u find something that works against 2 or 3 of those plays, why don't you keep working it? To clarify, I run the Cardinals offense so I run about 70/30 pass-run. Actually stretch good stops. It glitches out the blocking and the OLB will not get blocked. I confront 3-4 odd with the exact same setup pretty much every match. I personally run 4-3. I run exactly what the Chiefs do.

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I don't know if you're a bot or you're a real person, but this is not something like Twitter where you say you're thoughts whenever you want to.
This is where people ask questions and answer them. I'm sorry to say this but this is not a place to advertise and adding on this is a Japanese site, so only people like me who are bilingual will understand what you are trying to say.

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