I've only lost all faith in nba 2k21 mt

nba 2k21 mt
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Man, I bought the day 1 and they never really cared... The match crash constantly when playing park and I could only get about 1 game then it wreck.

I've only lost all faith in nba 2k21 mt particularly after WWE 2K20. How they are allowed to put the unfinished garbage they do is just as awful as the Cyberpunk older gen release.Take two is 100% the sort of firm to abandon support for a product when it doesn't meet their sales goal... It's a damn shame.

It is a shame. NBA 2k20 probably has the maximum time clocked out of all my Stadia games. But one attempt of this 2k21 demonstration and I was like"nope". They barely changed anything. I get that this is true with sports games from year to year but here it's even more conspicuous.

I wish NBA live would become more relevant again. 2K needs some competition to light a fire under their asses.This season Visual Concepts was concentrated on the next-gen versions of NBA2K. They will probably neglect the current-gen/Stadia versions moving forward. Too bad, maybe Stadia can find the next-gen version .

Does anyone have any recommendations for well maintained community rosters available to download?

nba 2k21 mt https://www.mmoexp.com/Nba-2k21/Mt.html


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