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Washable Fabric Brooch Create Your own personal Lapel Pin

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using this button lapel pin, a fashion costumer jewelry brooch, with removable metal brooch pin number back! The pin is created completely of fabric plus and acid free, interfacing called Ultrahold.

It is by means of Therm o Web HeatnBond, and also the pattern panels are printed on the paper backing of this particular fabric adhesive using my own inkjet printer. Ultrahold allows the pin to stay its shape and system, even after washing as well as the adhesive seals the 2 holes, keeping the material from fraying.

The pin consists of 4 panels of material and Ultrahold, 2 for any front, one with the form and 2 more panels for any finished back panel, by using 2 circle holes, to keep the pin back hinge and catch set up. The 2 finished panels complete a pocket, with an opening above, or on the area, along with the 3 holes, allow for the metal brooch pin back to slide in and released.

The designs or graphics, poems, word art, snatch phrases, can be imprinted onto washable, colorfast inkjet printer manual fabric sheets.


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