Moving it to the particular intake plumbing upstream in

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Programmed stepper motor transmission: The '86-'93 models don't have the ECU controlling the particular transmission, so you can take out the factory ECU completely rather than have it affect the actual shifting. '94-'95 models have the ECU controlling the intelligent transmission. If you have one of these brilliant cars, you can either complete a parallel installation and also leave the stock ECU responsible for the transmission while the MegaSquirt controls stepper motor anything else, or add a GPIO table running MegaShift. If you're doing a parallel installation to keep the stock ECU in control in the transmission, see this article for suggestions about parallel installs.

The gauges and air flow bags on these cars don't connect with the ECU, so you won't need to worry about them. The tachometer is driven there are various TFI module, so control the TFI dc brushless motor module and the tach will follow alongside. The other gauges hook up to their own sending items.

The stock intake air conditioning temperature sensor threads into your intake manifold, where it might absorb heat through the walls of the manifold. You can compensate to the in your tuning, but it will require more tuning work and know how, and it's simpler for all to move it anywhere you brushless dc motor want it won't heatsoak from the start. Moving it to the particular intake plumbing upstream in the throttle body (but, on a turbo car, downstream of the intercooler) can give a more accurate reading without this extreme heatsoak concerns.

Indicated parts
You can use whether Megasquirt I or II in these cars, depending on your budget. You will have the ability to use your existing sensors aside from the MAP sensor that is certainly built into the MegaSquirt.

ECU options:

Megasquirt-I V3. 0 guide
Megasquirt-I V3. 57 put together unit
MegaSquirt-II V3. 0 guide
MegaSquirt-II V3. 57 put together unit
MegaSquirt-III V3. 0 guide and MS3X
MegaSquirt-III V3. 57 using MS3X assembled unit
Mod kits discussed in this article:

MK-BIP373 is required for the majority of the mod versions.
MK-RelayCtrl will give you a relay control output if you nema stepper motor work with an MS1 on the '94-'95 car, or wish to control the AC cutout inform.
MK-PWMIAC for idle command
MK-Pullup will provide the pullup resistor necessary for the internal mods described above
Other recommended pieces

V2. 2 Stimulator set up or assembled Stimulator
12' wires harness or 18' wires pigtail
MS3X harness when using MS3
6' DB9 tuning cable tv
USB adapter
Wideband O2 sensor program
Making Your cnc router kit Order Quick
We've taken the above list of suggestions a step more, and used it to create two single part#'s you possibly can order by to get everything you need, either in kit or assemble form. So on the internet to answer is, are you currently a hardcore DIY Build-It-Yourself coming from a kit kind of man? Or would you as if it to arrive prebuilt, using all hardware mods concluded, and ready to wire up with all the current accessories you'll need? (we'll even toss from a free t-shirt)

Show me personally the packages
Note we left the Wideband O2 System Out of these packages to maintain initial cost down, but like with any engine management technique you'll definitely appreciate your wideband system during tuning. We highly recommend that Innovate LC-1 with or with not a gauge.

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