Easy Steps to configure WPS Pin on HP Printer

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If you try to connect your HP printer with the other you will need WPS Pin. HP Printer has wireless technology that helps to print documents regardless of time and place. Users simply have to connect HP printer via WPS pin to your device either through wire cable or wireless router and print documents easily.
What is WPS pin?
WPS pin can be long-termed as Wi-Fi Protected Setup. It can be defined as wireless network security standard. The main motto of WPS is to build a quick connection between wireless devices and router. However, WPA works only for wireless networks which has a password and is encrypted with either WPA2 Personal or WPA2 Personal security protocols.
What are the types of WPS connections?
WPS comes with two variations. These are:
1. WPS Button
2. WPS Pin
How to connect HP Printer via WPS pin?
Following are the guidelines you need to follow for HP printer connection:
1. Navigate to HP printer control panel of HP Printer
2. Next, go to settings and click Wireless connection
3. Once you tap onto Wi-Fi protected Setup, follow the on-screen prompts
4. Then, you will receive a Pin, click on the Pin. Tap the pin.
5. When you click on it, you will receive a WPS PIN
6. Now, to configure the wireless utility, enter the WPS PIN
7. Thereafter, go to All Programs>Open HP Folder>go to Printer Setup and Software>select ‘Connect new printer’
8. This will help you install the Network Printer Driver
How to connect HP printer via WPS Button?
Here is the step to step guide to make you understand the procedure to connect printer to WPS button:
1. Navigate to control panel of HP printer
2. Next, tap Settings button. A blue light will blink
3. Now, jump to option of ‘WiFi Protected Setup’
4. Follow the on-screen instructions
5. Thereafter, press WPS button on the router
6. Hit Continue for Wireless connection
7. Lastly, the connection will be established & the printer is ready to use
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