For Honor Will be Getting Dedicated Servers

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更新: 2019/03/13 23:26:27

The vikings and samurai and knights of For Honor [official site] will finally be getting dedicated servers, says Ubisoft. It's a big deal for stabfans because until now the firm-but-fair-ish ahistorical brawler was running on a peer-to-peer networking system, and although the 1v1 mode of play remained fairly stable this way, larger game modes have been plagued with infuriating connection problems since the time of its release. Hopefully, the dedicated servers will finally fix some of those problems. Ubisoft made the announcement as part of an in-house interview with two of the game's directors, Roman Campos-Oriola and Damien Kieken. When asked why the move to dedicated servers, Kieken said many, many different reasons but then immediately admitted that the main purpose was to stop all the terrible things.

Medieval hack and slash fighting game For Honor will be getting dedicated servers for its multiplayer on Feb. 19, Ubisoft announced today. The date is set for the PC version, with consoles following soon after. According to the Ubisoft press release, the delay is to ensure a smooth transition on PC before moving the technology onto consoles. The studio had set up an open beta to test dedicated servers last December for all players, including those who did not own the game. Buy FH Steel Credits from with the cheapest price and fast delivery.

Ubisoft's staborama For Honor has kicked off its second season of competitive play with an update adding two new maps and, initially only for season pass holders, two new characters. The sneaky Shinobi and stompy Centurion will become available to other players on May 23rd, but all stabmen are invited today to murder in the new Temple Garden and Forge levels. Alongside all this is a big ol update with changes including rebalancing gear, fixing bugs, and making levelling faster.The Shinobi is a zippy Assassin sort armed with scythes on a chain, which can be swung from a distance to create openings for close-range slicing. The Centurion is a Vanguard/Assassin hybrid with a gladius and some knock-down moves. Folks who own the season pass unlock them instantly today, while digiplebs will need to wait until May 23rd then unlock them with the Steel imagicoins earned by playing.

For Honor players can look forward to trying out the game's new dedicated servers this week on Dec. 14, as Ubisoft opens the gates to allow everyone to try them out, not just the folks who own the game. Ubisoft is looking to test the dedicated servers'might (just like Mortal Combat) and see how they stand up under heavy load. PvP players will only be able to play Duel, Dominion, and Tribute modes, but the open test that everyone can access will allow players to use any Heroes, even those in the DLC. You'll be able to use them across 1v1 Duel mode, 4v4 Dominion, and 4v4 Tribute modes as well.

Season 2 will start on May 16th, though only players who own the season pass will get the Shinbo and Centurion then. They'll unlock instantly Seasoneers on the 16th, but other folks will need to wait until May 23rd then unlock them with Steel.


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