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Yuri Trochko, a Kazakh who claims to be intersex, the bodybuilder has made headlines several times in the past few years. He rose to fame when he married his love Irontech Doll Margo in November 2020, with dozens of guests attending the wedding and photos of the ceremony being uploaded to Yuri's Instagram page. Margo also has her own Ins page on which it shares details of their lives and on their wedding day it posted a small video of the wedding that people clamored to watch and spread, racking up over a million likes to this day. When news broke that he had cheated on his love doll wife, Margo, and divorced her, his name went viral again.

It was all a surprise when news of 36-year-old Hong Konger Tse Tin-wing's marriage to his physical Tayu Doll MoChi was reported in the Hong Kong media. 2019, Tse Tin-wing saw MoChi online and decided he wanted it in his life. As it turned out, too, it only took him two years to officially marry his physical doll. According to the Daily Telegraph, Xie Tianrong has had relationships with girls his own age in the past, but now he's completely hooked on the medium breasts sex doll MoChi. he'll buy expensive shoes, clothes, and even expensive jewelry to dress it up. It is worth mentioning that Xie Tianrong has never had a profane thought about his doll partner. He said he didn't want to violate it. From the talk on the Internet, Xie Tianrong is considered a gentle half, after reports that he has never even kissed his current ;fiancée;. In his opinion, it doesn't matter if MoChi is a real person or even if it will respond to him, what matters is that it will be the perfect partner in Tianrong's mind, giving him the warmest companionship. I am sure many girls would fall for his gentle character and lovely appearance and consider him as their ideal husband, but unfortunately he already has a name. From the media reports, it seems that Xie Tianrong takes good care of his;fiancee;. He regularly cleans her, does her makeup and changes her clothes to keep her clean and beautiful. But we also note that MoChi is also a good companion, because it does not have any fussy about the other half, Xie Tianrong said: ;No matter what my situation is, MoChi has always been by my side, in this two-year relationship has never left, whether success or failure, the ebb and flow, we are together, which also makes us become closer;

These new types of intimate relationships also allow us to see more possibilities, in the footsteps of the development of a diversified society, where one day we can be more determined and free to choose our other half, not being limited to human interaction, as long as the relationship is healthy and positive.Psychologically speaking, the inflatable doll is an external projection of the inner perfect self. Those who have lost their partners because of death, breakups, divorce, or those who have their own defects, difficult to contact with people, fantasy sex doll can bring them a lot of benefits: you do not have to worry that she will move on and leave you, and do not have to worry that she will be a princess, often arrogant, and even, you do not have to worry that she will be easy to look old, youthful. She will be a forever heartfelt object, as long as you do not abandon, she will certainly live and die. So, as opposed to part of the pursuit of perfection, the inflatable doll is a perfect choice.

Inflatable dolls ;give people a chance to map their feelings,; psychologists say. Sex with inanimate objects is similar to ;masturbation; and is limited only by the imagination. Psychologists emphasize the importance of sexuality and intimacy to humans. In addition to the basic needs of eating, drinking and breathing, the importance of sexual needs and interpersonal connections is only second to them.Life is lonely, lovers, friends, family will eventually leave, but the doll will not die. Traveling Korean artist June Korea, he shot a set of ;Eva; photo book, the entity doll in which is his curvy sex doll girlfriend, they eat, sleep, travel together, and the real couple is no different. He has been photographing physical dolls since 2002 and became interested in them because he was moved to loneliness. In the city of lights, loneliness strikes like a flood when you wake up alone every day, go home alone after parties and work, or stand in a crowd. Once we thought that our home and friends would never leave us, and that the good memories would never disappear, but when we grow up, we will find that we will lose them eventually. It is always said that art comes from life. During June's study in the United States, he experienced the tragedy of breaking up with his girlfriend, and at that time he had the idea of giving the physical doll an identity, using it as a fantasy girlfriend and shooting it as a photography work. People will leave, but the doll will not die, and if all this is recorded in the fantasy world, it becomes eternal. The whole photography collection of the shooting cycle in about 2 years, he shot intensively, almost every day with the doll as a companion, together to do what couples do, together to let out a laugh, let out a cry, together to feel happy, but also feel lonely. Foreign media are curious about his creation with physical dolls, but the photos are not erotic, but have a sense of indescribable loneliness. Although passers-by would stare at him with strange eyes, and some would even go over to touch Eva, he did not care. After his photo exhibition was held perfectly, he returned from the US to Korea as a teacher, and Eva was unpacked and sent back home. But he was looking forward to it and was thinking about his next collaboration with his ;fantasy girlfriend;. He knew in his heart that the relationship was a sham and that the loneliness of being born as a human being was a reality that he could not escape. But as long as he needs, the milf sex doll will always be with him and will not leave.


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