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Having a curvy sex doll means that you are out of tradition and living with a doll is not in line with the rules of society. So, is this really the case? Why do we live in this world? What does living in this world mean to us? For my own happiness, of course.Although there are many different points of view in reality, we want to live for ourselves. Entity dolls have unparalleled advantages, and we certainly want to spend our lives with our soulmates. Everyone has different choices, what we need to give is more respect and understanding, just like the LGBT community, although we don't belong to it, but at least we need to give each other reasonable respect.
He has had five girlfriends, but he thinks it takes too much time to build an intimate relationship with someone. These dolls, on the other hand, he can have instantly when he has enough money, so he prefers the company of irontech doll. And he is a representative member of a growing but secretive group of men in Japan who have given up on real-life intercourse. ;Humans will sometimes cheat on you or betray you, but these dolls never do that, they 're 100% mine.; He put it this way, having spent more than 3 million yen ($20,000) in the past 10 years just on buying physical dolls and acquiring dress-up clothes and jewelry.A Chinese manufacturer says they produce dolls that are initially aimed at disabled men who may have trouble finding companionship and those who have a desire to collect dolls. They are a factory in Dongguan that can produce 80 milf sex doll a month, with dozens of designs that sell for between $800 and $7,000 each. The more expensive models are made of silicone and have multiple movable joints. Almost all of the people who buy the dolls are single men, and about 75 percent of them are over the age of 30, a company employee said. The anonymity of buying physical dolls over the Internet has helped grow the business, and they also have a showroom dedicated to their full line of sex doll merchandise.
Bob Gibbons, 60, is known to other doll collectors as the ;Hugh Hefner of the fantasy sex doll community. Although Bob only lives in a small bungalow, his friends call it the ;physical doll mansion;. The father of two is a mechanical engineer who enjoys having afternoon tea with his dolls, posing them for photos and dressing them up in sexy clothes. So far, he has spent £100,000 (about $112,000) on his collection and even transformed a long-legged doll so they can ballroom dance together.His spending on physical dolls is not limited to buying dolls; the couple also often buys clothes, wigs and cosmetics to decorate their physical dolls. Bob said, ;I've spent tens of thousands of pounds just buying dolls, plus probably another £10,000 on clothes, wigs, cosmetics and jewelry.; Although some of Bob's dolls strike provocative poses and wear very playful clothes, he claims he has never used them. He said, ;A lot of doll owners have sex with their teen sex doll, but I've never had that kind of interest.; He would dress the dolls in sexy clothes, but that was only for posting on forums for others to enjoy, and his personal preference was for European and American 60s style clothing. He dresses up and takes pictures of his dolls as a hobby, similar to designing model cars, even as he is starting to learn to make some dolls, spending a month every so often making dolls from doll parts and mannequins, and has sold some of his work for a significant price. Bob has used a bendable, articulated structure of metal skeleton, plus shoes that can be rolled, to create a solid doll that can dance. The clothes they buy out there need to be altered because the proportions of the dolls' bodies are often quite specific and normal clothes may not be available or may not show their beauty.


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