Consider the lifetime of the lamp when designing the UV sterilizer

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For the design of UV Sterilizer sewage treatment process, several factors need to be considered, such as water source, treatment process, current treatment process, future expansion requirements, treatment standards, etc. Under the premise of fully understanding the process and parameters, a better design will be set in conjunction with the product itself, and the disinfection effect can be guaranteed even under unfavorable conditions. In addition, the various components of the system can also ensure the normal operation of the entire disinfection system.
The UVC disinfection technology introduced by the open-channel ultraviolet disinfection system is based on a special process design, high-efficiency, high-intensity and long-life UV-C lamps, reliable electronic ballasts and electronic control systems. It is efficient and broad-spectrum through UVC It has the function of killing bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms to achieve the purpose of water purification and disinfection.

When designing the system, the manufacturer of the ultraviolet sterilizer fully considered the reduction in the output intensity of the lamp during the service life and the contamination on the surface of the quartz sleeve, which may reduce the dosage and sterilization efficiency.
System structure: Properly designed, multiple technologies (such as UVC disinfection module, lamp sealing structure, automatic cleaning structure, etc.).
Electronic ballast: stable, good heat dissipation, modular design, easy to replace
Control center: PLC with human-machine interface (HCI), can choose a variety of communication methods, high compatibility
Monitoring system: It can monitor the intensity of ultraviolet rays, and the automatic monitoring system can reduce maintenance costs.
Water level control system: Several water level control methods can be selected according to actual needs, and the design process is more feasible
Automatic cleaning system: high efficiency, automatic, no secondary pollution.
UVC lamp: long life, slow aging, life expectancy 12000-20000 hours
Raw material: the parts in contact with sewage are made of 316L stainless steel
System performance: With a lot of engineering experience and data to ensure the matching of system performance, high comprehensive efficiency reduces power consumption and operating costs
System volume: compact, easy to install and update old projects
Safe operation: no poisons, flammables, and explosives
Simple installation: modular design, suitable for complex conditions
Simple operation: boot up, the system runs successfully for 24 hours.
Low operating and maintenance costs: total operating and maintenance costs
No secondary pollution: No secondary pollution, friendly to water bodies, environment and operators.


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